Mountain house "Komita"
a tradition of over 20 years of existence.

Welcome to Kopaonik mountain.

Mountain house "Komita" is located on Kopaonik, more precisely on the road from the Ski Center to Raska in the Weekend Resort, which is 3 km away from the Ski Center, the main road on the right. This mountain house has existed in this place since 1997 and deals with renting out accommodation and catering services.

The total accommodation capacity is 40 beds, and the cafe has 3 small halls with 20 seats each.

The cafe is in ethno style with typical mountain cuisine. With us, you can eat your meals according to your grandmother's recipe. The menu includes: hot bun with kajmak, prodja, homemade pie, greaves, prosciutto, homemade ajvar, pihtije, pickles and homemade sauerkraut, as well as various types of soups. Of the ready-made dishes, there are sauerkraut from an earthen pot, goulash, stir-fry, gravče na tavče, sarma and other dishes of local cuisine. The grill and Kopaonik trout are on charcoal.

We offer various types of desserts and blueberry pie, all in a warm ambience with a large fireplace in the ethno house "Komita".


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