Welcome to the ethno restaurant with rooms "Komita" on  mountain Kopaonik. From September 11, new prices for the 2019/20 winter season.

Welcome to Kopaonik!
Your ethno house with rooms "Komita".

Mountain house "Komita" is located on Kopaonik, more precisely following the path from the Ski Center to Raska, in the Weekend settlement, which is 3km away from the Ski Center. Our objaket is at the entrance to the Cottage settlement on the main road on the right. This mountain lodge has been around since 2005 and has been providing accommodation and catering services.
The total capacity of the accommodation is 40 beds, and a cafe with 3 small halls each with 20 seats.
The tavern is ethno style with typical mountain cuisine. With us you can eat all the dishes according to the recipes of Grandma. On the menu of the cafe are: hot bun with kajmak, proja, homemade pie, crackers, prosciutto, homemade ajvar, fir, homemade pickle and homemade sauerkraut, various soup soup ...

From ready meals: sauerkraut, stew, shaker, casserole, sarmas and other home-cooked dishes. Barbecue and Kopaonik trout are ready for the charcoal. We also offer various kinds of treats and the famous blueberry pie all in one warm setting with a large fireplace.

Protected National Park, also known as the "Sunny Mountain", Kopaonik is the most famous ski resort in the region and the habitat of numerous rare species. Kopaonik, located 230 kilometers from Belgrade, is the largest mountain range in Serbia, extending from the northwest to the southeast, about 75 kilometers in length, reaching up to 40 kilometers in the middle. One part of it is the protected zone "Kopaonik National Park", which is one of the most important centers of biodiversity of endemic flora of Serbia by number of endemic species, and has the largest ski center in the country.


Ethno retaurant and rooms "Komita", Kopaonik.
Vikend naselje.
www.kopaonik-komita.com | +381 63 505 780